Making learning playful with chatbot e-learning solutions

2018 - 2019

The challenge

How do you educate external sales and support teams about your products if they do not work directly with your business? For example, how do you inform and incentivise barmen to promote your brand above your competitors, or other sales agents operating in indirect channels? HEINEKEN Netherlands, together with Greenberry creative agency, has created a concept for a series of mobile games in which players learn about products while playing and competing with their colleagues. To make the games more accessible, they can be played via Facebook Messenger. The challenge for WeAreBrain was twofold: Create a templated chatbot solution to support the core e-learning game rules, and; Allow the content creators to create multiple gamified e-learning challenges for different products in a user-friendly CMS backend.

Our solution

We developed a game template with gamification rules which includes: game scenarios, scores, multimedia support, multiple player roles and push notifications. We also created a custom user-friendly CMS to create new games for various products with the ability to customise the look and feel of the marketing material such as landing pages.

We created an innovative onboarding process ensuring participation by invite only, by connecting multiple user roles using web portals, including Whatsapp invites and Facebook Messenger. Real-time insights through the custom web portal are available, allowing the marketing managers to track participation and scores. We created a control to send push notifications to individual players or to groups of players to motivate participation.

The result

Fast turnaround time for game creation is important so we built a game template that could facilitate new game set-up in less than 30 minutes. For the Vrumona case specifically, we developed 2 real games, set up 8 battles which support 40 players at any given time.

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