Creating a luxury online retail experience for Bloom Avenue


The challenge

The aim was to create a bespoke luxury online retail experience. The online organic skincare market was missing a platform which focused on high-end products. The web experience of existing e-commerce platforms was often disappointing and offered no professional advice about which products suited individual customers. These platforms were also unsophisticated and lacked a smooth user experience. This was in stark contrast to the service received by customers in luxury boutiques.

Our solution

Working with Bloom Avenue, we developed a sophisticated e-commerce platform. The platform includes an online skin assessment, provided through a questionnaire and via a Facebook Messenger chatbot which we developed specifically for Bloom Avenue. A digital magazine has also been developed and launched to spread exclusive and relevant content and news.

The result

Bloom Avenue now provides an online advisory experience that is second to none and is at the forefront of the customisation trend for cosmetics. The company’s been featured in a series of online and offline publications such as Women’s Health, Emerce and Mademoiselle Nature.

What the client had to say

It was a pleasure collaborating with WeAreBrain for our online boutique. The team was always available for questions, reacted super quickly when issues came up and generally was just a delight to work with!
Paula Ferrai, Founder of Bloom Avenue

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