We make DIY fun for everyone. Because everybody is a creator

2014 - ongoing
Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg

The challenge

We were invited to create a digital platform devoted to all things DIY, where an online community of customers were able to get access to articles, find inspiration and share ideas with like-minded DIY enthusiasts. We needed to show that DIY furniture is fun and easy to assemble using the products from Maxeda’s stores, which cost less than already assembled furniture. The platform needed to drive traffic and increase sales to Maxeda’s webshop, including in-store retail customer visits.

Our solution

We created 3 services to meet these challenges:

The community platform aimed to show customers the various DIY possibilities they could create using Maxeda products. It inspired customers to share their experiences and ask questions about their own creations and ideas. This created real content which can be easily found on Google, so when people are trying to find the answer to a DIY problem, our results pop up which prompts people to visit Maxeda stores and purchase items.

Workshop is a service which allows customers to be trained by an expert in-store on how to build furniture and do repairs. Customers are urged to buy products in-store in order to build the same DIY projects at home.

Afspraak is a calendar service where customers are able to book an appointment with a Maxeda DIY expert in-store to ask for expertise, advice and skill sharing. At the same time, the expert can sell products to the customer to help them with their next DIY project.

The result

DIY inspirations are no longer generated by customers but by Maxeda, which helps the business offer great ideas to be created with their products. Workshop is available for the Praxis and Brico mobile apps and it has been very profitable. The Voordemakers platform is available and completely integrated with Maxeda’s webstore and is responsible for its CMS. Although Afspraak isn’t available for Praxis anymore, it is available for Brico and is being used by customers.

The community platform became more than just a community platform, it also became the CMS platform for the entire Praxis and Brico online store. The Voordemakers platform controls all the content for the whole online store, including the Home page, Category pages, Services, Main menu, etc.

The platform made it possible to produce more than 1000 DIY step-by-steps that have over 3 million unique visitors per year. All the soft content on Brico and Praxis is being managed and saved in the platform.

Praxis grew into the Thuiswinkel 100, Top 20.

Maxeda is working hand in hand with WeAreBrain on our omnichannel web platform. It provides consumers real-time access to 60.000+ products with options to easily find, order and get items delivered to their door or collect them in any of our 374 group stores across the Benelux. WeAreBrain brought expertise that consisted of a pro-active and hands-on approach on communication and collaboration with the Maxeda DIY organization. They kept scope, timeline and budget under control despite some blocking issues and other challenges. I recommend their services and would like you to consider WeAreBrain for any end to end design & development of an enterprise solutions.
Luuk Roestenberg, Former Manager Digital at Maxeda DIY Group

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