Work Developing an in-store smart tablet experience

Year produced
DIY, Retail

The challenge

Our client, Brico — a Belgian-based hardware chain store specialising in DIY and gardening products — wanted to boost their in-store sales in a unique way. Brico forms part of the Maxeda DIY Group.

Brico required an innovative solution to showcase their wide array of smart in-store appliances that would entice their customers to test and purchase products.

Brico wanted a digital application that would be able to demonstrate their entire catalogue of smart products all from one place. The idea was to create an in-store smart table or digital hub with a tablet display allowing customers to search and find more information about specific products and categories. They also wanted customers to be able to test the products out virtually.

Our solution

Through our extensive user research, we discovered that the main reason Brico customers did not purchase smart products (smart speakers, smart home systems, etc.) was because they didn't know enough information about the benefits of the product and how to properly utilise and/or set up. So our main goal was to make it easier for customers to be able to easily source and understand the products.

Between May and June 2021, the WeAreBrain product and development team created the Brico Smart Tablet App that invites Brico and Brico Plan-it customers to engage with smart products on a display and encourages them to explore and discover these devices in more detail.

Brico customers are empowered to explore, discover, and test products better than ever before. 

The app allows users to:


The Brico Smart Tablet application is a native Android application written in Kotlin. It uses modern multi-module architecture which ensures increased scalability in functionality in the future. It has multi-language support with the ability to change language preferences dynamically. We also developed custom UI elements and offline data caching, plus the ability to easily extend many of the existing features.

App development (iOS/Android)
Product and UX design
Native Android app

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