Our Products


Tur.ai is an Enterprise Automation as a Service (AaaS) platform that helps develop AI-powered support tools and automation solutions in an effort to empower business and technology teams to run and scale their daily operations efficiently. Tur.ai automates complex company processes at scale through one common user interface with highly advanced Machine Learning and Computer Vision capabilities. 

Digitise, transform and augment your existing company processes, interfaces and service offerings with Tur.ai’s automation platform.


Clevergig is a successful Startupbootcamp alumnus and has grown to be the #1 SaaS Workforce Management platform for Temp and Staffing Agencies in the Netherlands. It is perfect for filling irregular shifts across various locations quickly and efficiently with a large flex pool.


Share your experiences and answer questions easily about subjects that you have first-hand knowledge of with Maxperience. You can also create, share and manage your own forum or community platform.


Your all-access pass to your favourite streaming services. Streampass aims to make the best series and movies available to everyone and at any time at a reasonable rate. Premium entertainment for the masses, legally and hassle-free.