AI & Data Science

What we do
We offer foundational services for businesses looking to leverage AI business solutions. For companies with existing AI operations, we provide support services to scale their current operational AI capabilities. 

Within our AI and Data Science department, we have a full-service offering that we call the three Ps. These include: 

  • People — augmenting your existing team
  • Projects — inclusive of consultancy and full solution development
  • Products — either within your own lab or done exclusively on your behalf by WeAreBrain

What makes WeAreBrain different? 

Our core competency is tailored AI solutions: building, deploying, and maintaining Machine Learning (ML) models within organisations directly related to their size and scale of operations. 

Our clients fall into 2 categories: 

  • Foundational — projects that typically begin with us setting up an AI centre of excellence
  • Advanced — projects focused on scaling existing AI operations efficiently and effectively 

The problem/solution dynamic is entirely different depending on where you are in your AI process and how large your business is. As such, it is important for us to understand what outcomes you are looking for so we are able to build solutions that fit your needs. 

Types of business that benefit from our work

Businesses that have a national presence benefit from our foundational services, while organisations that operate with full global market integration are more suited to our advanced services. 

National and international organisations

For businesses starting their AI and/or DS journeys, we liaise with C-suite executives to ensure company-wide buy-in regarding the intended benefits of the new digital solutions. 

Global organisations

Businesses that have existing AI, ML, and DS teams and projects in place still require advanced solutions for operational scalability and/or system maturation. In most cases, we will liaise directly with the CTO or department lead. 

WeArebrain is able to set up a complete structure, framework, and roadmap for AI, ML, and DS requirements. We work with you to determine the right problem statements so you can create an intelligent automation centre of excellence. 

We are also equipped to help you with integration into existing structures and operations, as well as executing parts of your roadmap where you may have a capability gap. 


Our list of services includes consultancy, implementation, and product development. These services might look a little different depending on the type of organisation you have and how far along you are on your AI journey. 

Consultancy services

We help guide you through your Intelligent Automation (IA) program setup.

Implementation services (data engineering and software development)

Machine Learning platform design, development, and support.
Data Science - On-boarding of existing ML models and integrations with existing API’s and systems.

Product development (scalability solutions) 

As ML and DL capabilities evolve and grow, what you need today may not be the same in the future. As such, we offer product development solutions that include ML pipeline automation and continuous training. 

What you get when you work with WeAreBrain

As a foundational client, you gain as much as companies who moved from on-premise to cloud in terms of software development, usage, and operations.

  • Models reusability
  • Accessibility within other engineering teams
  • Short deployment cycles
  • Better debugging and testing possibilities
  • Centralised network
  • Infrastructure cost-reduction

Our advanced clients receive all of the above together with the added ability to set up your existing AI, ML, and DS operations in a more cost-efficient and future-proof manner. This will provide you with a competitive advantage over competitors not taking advantage of the holistic approach WeAreBrain offers. 


Do you want to step up your game?

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