Diversity and Inclusion Policy

WeAreBrain has a strong commitment to the values of diversity and inclusion, and has been working actively to embed diversity policies into the entire organisation.

Our commitment to diversity means that WeAreBrain acknowledges the inherent dignity and equality of all individuals. WeAreBrain actively values the diverse ways in which people identify, including considerations such as age, color, disability, ethnicity, gender, indigenous background, nationality, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status.

Our commitment to inclusion means that WeAreBrain will continue its ongoing efforts to implement meaningful measures that foster a welcoming environment for everyone. WeAreBrain will proactively identify and address any barriers that may hinder equitable access to WeAreBrain activities and opportunities.

In alignment with the WeAreBrain Non-Discrimination and Harassment Policy, WeAreBrain is firmly committed to prohibiting discrimination and harassment.

Our Responsibilities:

  1. WeAreBrain recognizes the intrinsic value and dignity of all individuals who represent a diverse range of human identities.
  2. WeAreBrain is dedicated to promoting participation from all individuals, with a particular focus on those who have historically been underrepresented.
  3. WeAreBrain acknowledges the necessity of cultivating an institutional culture that is equitable, accessible, and welcoming to all.
  4. WeAreBrain is resolute in addressing bias, discrimination, and harassment that pose a threat to the realization of diversity and inclusion.
  5. WeAreBrain is devoted to ensuring inclusive and equitable practices in all its activities, including the organization of international arbitration congresses and conferences, sponsorship of authoritative dispute resolution publications, and the promotion of understanding and harmonization of arbitration and conciliation rules, laws, procedures, and standards.

The terms of this Policy apply to all WeAreBrain partners and staff members. We further expect WeAreBrain freelance partners and subcontractors to uphold and promote these fundamental values in their engagement with WeAreBrain’s activities and in their other professional pursuits.

Accountability: WeAreBrain is dedicated to ensuring full compliance with this policy, and the Founders and Advisory Board retains the authority to terminate individuals who fail to adhere to it. WeAreBrain acknowledges that achieving diversity and inclusion is an ongoing, iterative effort that demands sustained commitment from WeAreBrain’s leadership and the entire organization.

To facilitate these objectives, WeAreBrain has established a Diversity and Inclusion Implementation Plan.

Education and Outreach WeAreBrain will continue to engage in outreach to a variety of relevant professional organizations and other groups.  WeAreBrain will continue to review and update the WeAreBrain website and promotional materials to be consistent with the Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

WeAreBrain will work to ensure that publications are from a diverse array of authors and offer inclusive perspectives on Digital, IT, and related topics.

Recruitment and Retention WeAreBrain will continue to strengthen and promote WeAreBrain to reach a young and diverse audience, especially from underrepresented communities. WeAreBrain will continue to support the WeAreBrain Foundation. WeAreBrain will continue to continue to support with skills training workshops across the organisations.

Accountability, Communication and Recognition WeAreBrain will continue to document, compile and publish data about its diversity and inclusion efforts. In first instance, this will take the form of a regular updates on the WeAreBrain website. WeAreBrain will develop ways to provide increased acknowledgement of and recognition for staff members who advance the values of diversity and inclusion.