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We are AI and Machine Learning specialists with expertise in intelligent automation solutions aimed at reducing operational costs, increasing profitability, and improving customer experience.

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Our AI and Machine Learning solutions


We are an AI and Machine Learning agency that can help you leverage the power of artificial intelligence and Machine Learning to usher your business into the new digital era.

We work with Computer Vision technology currently being utilised across a variety of global industries for purposes such as facial recognition and robotic defect detection, among many more.

In addition, we provide custom Machine Learning modelling services tailored to your specific business needs and requirements. Our Machine Learning teams are currently focused on supervised learning, with the goal to provide dedicated unsupervised learning systems in the future.

As your AI and Machine Learning service providers and consultants, we will work together on developing a roadmap for successful development and implementation for your desired AI solution.As a distinguished AI consultancy agency, we empower organisations with real-time business insights that optimise efficiency and elevate performance.

Within our AI and Data Science department, we have a full-service offering that we call the three Ps. These include:

  • People, augmenting your existing team
  • Projects, inclusive of consultancy and full solution development
  • Products, either within your own lab or done exclusively on your behalf by WeAreBrain.

AI and Machine Learning projects

As a team of AI specialists, our AI and Machine Learning developers have worked for clients in the FMCG and Retail industry, successfully delivering innovative and efficient AI implementations.


Enterprise-wide data processing solution for SUEZ Group

SUEZ Group needed a new data solution to replace a customised legacy system that lacked enterprise-wide functionality.

B2BData ManagementEnterpriseExtended TeamSoftware Modernisation

Reducing cost with AI-powered procurement automation

Introducing HEINEKEN Harry – an Enterprise Virtual Assistant designed to assist and onboard vendors through procurement processes.

ArchitectureAzureB2BConsultingDelivery & EnablementEnterpriseProcess AutomationVirtual Agent

Consolidating 18 websites into one domain

TIP Group required a redesign of their website that included a way to consolidate different domains from 18 different country...

AnalyticsAWSB2BDelivery & EnablementDrupalEnterpriseGraphQLMaintenanceReactTransport & Logistics

A fully automated lead to quote solution powered by AI

RadioHolland required a streamlined Lead to Quote process that could be fully automated, as their existing process was slow and...

.NETAzureB2BDelivery & EnablementEnergy & MobilityEnterpriseMicrosoft DynamicsProcess AutomationTransport & Logistics

Maxeda DIY mobile apps - easier, faster, sexier

How could Maxeda help customers throughout their DIY journey? Personalisation was the keyword.

B2CConsultingDelivery & EnablementE-CommerceEnterpriseExtended TeamMobile Apps

Supercharging loyalty campaigns with AI and Automation

Despite ongoing digitisation in retail marketing, cashback campaigns have remained stubbornly analogue.

AzureB2BB2CDelivery & EnablementE-CommerceEnterpriseFMCGProcess AutomationVirtual Agent

Bringing screen-free entertainment to kids with Tonies

Tonies needed help with their campaign ideation and launch for several new markets across Europe.

B2CContent ProductionDelivery & EnablementE-CommerceEdTechEnterpriseFMCGMedia & EntertainmentT&M

Creating sales opportunities with AI and automation

SmartSpy is an AI-driven digital sales and marketing assistant that notifies you of new sales opportunities.

ArchitectureAzureB2BData ManagementDelivery & EnablementEnterpriseProcess AutomationVirtual Agent

Driving revenue growth with SAP Commerce Cloud

Plieger required a new B2B platform to support its revised e-commerce strategy.

B2BE-CommerceEnterpriseExtended TeamJavaSAP Commerce CloudSAP CPI I Datahub I ERPSoftware Modernisation

We make DIY fun for everyone. Because everybody is a creator

We were invited to create a digital platform devoted to all things DIY.

AWSB2CContent ProductionDelivery & EnablementE-CommerceEnterpriseExtended TeamNode.jsReactSAP Commerce Cloud

Developing a marketplace for second hand trucks and trailers

WeAreBrain set out to redesign and develop the multilingual site in a webshop format with a number of new features,...

AWSB2BDelivery & EnablementDrupalEnterpriseGraphQLMaintenanceMarketplaceSoftware ModernisationTransport & LogisticsUN SDGs

Seamless CMS consolidation for leading fitness group

Urban Gym Group now has a fast and seamless centralised platform to manage all of its website content.

APIArchitectureAzureCI/CDContentfulDelivery & EnablementDevOps / KubernetesEnterpriseFitness & WellnessFrontendMaintenanceReact

Building the NOC*NSF Olympic Partner Portal

The Dutch Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation (NOC*NSF) required a complete customisation of their existing Participant Portal CMS solution after 8...

.NETAzureB2BDelivery & EnablementHospitalityMaintenanceNon-ProfitOCR / Computer VisionProcess AutomationUmbraco

Reframing our world with Beautiful News

Beautiful News, a positive news source releasing stories at 4:14 pm every day, needed a design for their platform and...

AWSB2CDelivery & EnablementDrupalGoogle Voice AssistantMedia & EntertainmentMobile AppsNon-ProfitStart-UpUX I UI

Digitising Inholland's learning experience for students

Inholland's department of People and Health required a digital platform to be used as part of their Social Work curriculum.

Delivery & EnablementEdTechMaintenanceNon-Profit

Reducing service calls with a first line support chatbot

Introducing a virtual help desk Virtual Assistant for Noordwest Ziekenhuisgroep designed to assist staff with step-by-step instructions for common IT-related...

AzureB2BConsultingDelivery & EnablementEnterpriseHealthcareMicrosoft DynamicsNon-ProfitProcess AutomationSoftware ModernisationVirtual Agent

Playing our part to help end world hunger with GAIN

WeAreBrain powers a new website for Zero Hunger Coalition, encouraging organisations to help end world hunger by 2030.

AnalyticsDelivery & EnablementDrupalMaintenanceNon-ProfitReact

Developing a global arbitration knowledge base

Aside from wanting a fresh new look, ICCA needed a website that had the same flexibility as the old one...

AWSData ManagementDelivery & EnablementDrupalMaintenanceNon-ProfitSoftware Modernisation

Fighting against global malnutrition

GAIN and their partners needed to create an easy-to-use platform that made it easier to inform their partners about food...

AWSConsultingDelivery & EnablementDrupalFrontendMaintenanceNon-ProfitUN SDGsWeb DevelopmentWordPress

Inspiring children’s imaginations with Sloddervos

Dromenjager needed a great website and launch campaign to introduce Sloddervos to a new target group.

B2CDelivery & EnablementMedia & EntertainmentNon-ProfitStart-UpWordPress

Building the Netflix of e-learning in hospitality

We worked on the design, development and launch of a new Lobster Ink website and online marketing of the Lobster...

AzureB2BConsultingContent StrategyDelivery & EnablementEdTechExtended TeamHospitalityMedia & EntertainmentStart-UpUmbraco

AI powered talent-matching and e-learning in hospitality

EHL required assistance creating a talent-matching and learning platform that connects people to a wide range of short-term job opportunities...

.NETAzureB2BConsultingDelivery & EnablementEdTechEnterpriseHospitalityHR & RecruitmentMVPPythonReactStart-Up

Digitising the dairy trading market with OpenDairy

WeAreBrain developed an independent, transparent and full-service marketplace for producers of various dairy ingredients.

AWSB2BDelivery & EnablementJavaMarketplaceMVPProcess AutomationReactSaaSStart-UpTransport & LogisticsUN SDGsWebflow

SaaS and marketplace platform for urban delivery

A Dutch-based digital marketplace aimed at hiring local delivery couriers, required a more efficient automated SaaS and software solution to...

B2BConsultingDelivery & EnablementHospitalityMarketplaceMobile AppsSaaSStart-UpTransport & LogisticsUN SDGsUX I UI

Building the #1 SaaS WFM solution for staffing agencies

Together with clevergig we built a cloud-based Software as a Service solution, with a highly scalable micro-service based front-end and...

AWSB2BExtended TeamHealthcareHospitalityHR & RecruitmentInvestmentMobile AppsMVPSaaSStart-Up

Find and compare sustainable exhibition stands with 2Fair

2FAIR required a new corporate website and lead generation platform for its vast range of sustainable exhibition stands.

AnalyticsAWSB2BDelivery & EnablementDrupalStart-UpUN SDGsWeb Development

Where American athletes buy and sell their gear

Introducing SidelineSwap, an e-commerce platform which allows users to buy and sell quality used sports gear.

ArchitectureAWSB2CE-CommerceFitness & WellnessMarketplaceMVPReactStart-UpUN SDGs

Cyber insurance solutions for professionals in the US

Introducing PTProCover, an innovative new platform offering bespoke insurance solutions specifically catered to part-time professionals and freelancers.

AWSB2BData ManagementDelivery & EnablementDrupalInsureTechMVPSaaSStart-UpT&MWeb Development

From beats to buzz: elevating Alure's digital presence

Alure, a 25-year-old DJ and music producer based in Amsterdam, needed help creating a robust social media strategy to grow...

B2CContent StrategyDelivery & EnablementMarketing TrendsMedia & EntertainmentSocial Media StrategyStart-Up

Remanufactured. Eco-friendly. Budget-friendly

Circular Economy venture, Tech2Com enlist the tech solutions of WeAreBrain to provide ‘new again’ Apple products to the discerning consumer...

AWSB2BDelivery & EnablementE-CommerceStart-UpUN SDGsWoocommerce

Why choose us

  • Expertise and support at every stage: Whether you’re new to AI or expanding your operations, our skilled team offers guidance and knowledge. For newcomers, we enhance your capabilities with expertise. Established operations benefit from seamless scaling and hands-on support.
  • Real-time insights, better decisions: Our custom Machine Learning models and data analysis provide real-time business intelligence, empowering precise decision-making.
  • Tailored solutions for thriving: Amidst change, our flexible solutions empower you to not only survive but lead. Stay in control as you navigate growth.
  • The three Ps (People, Projects, Products): We enhance your team, lead transformative projects, and develop bespoke AI products. With us, you’re a collaborator in innovation, not just a client.
  • Data-driven growth: From refining data to implementing robust Machine Learning models, we ensure actionable insights, automation, and personalised growth.
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