Meet Maksym, our gadgety Java/Hybris developer

Written by: Samantha Wolhuter

It’s that time again when we have another awesome Brainiac to introduce you to. Meet Maksym, our hugely talented Java/Hybris developer. Maksym is part of our CommerceCore team that works exclusively with our longstanding client, Maxeda.

Maksym studied at the Chernihiv National Technological University where he specialised in Computer Systems and Networks. He believes that his studies formed the foundation of his programming skills and knowledge which helped him to begin working with Hybris in 2017.

Maksym really loves what does and it shows. “What I enjoy most about my job is the fact that it involves constant growth and development, since it is impossible to learn something in programming and use it all the time. The IT sphere does not stand still, new technologies are coming out and so it is crucial to always be learning something new to bring to a project.”

Maksym slotted right into the Brainiac family immediately. What he likes most about working at WeAreBrain is how close and supportive the team is. “I know that everyone has my back and I am always given advice and guidance when I need it. This makes it such an incredible working environment.”

When Maksym isn’t creating Java/Hybris magic, you can find him immersed in his most recent passion: making various simple devices from radio components using Arduino and soldering the components to a board. That’s a true mind of a developer, always tinkering to find out how things operate and the best way to do it is to build them from scratch.

Maksym is also an avid petrol head. He loves all types of motorsports and cars in general. He enjoys driving cars, karting, and practising his motor skills on driving simulators. Naturally, he is also a massive Formula 1 fan and even has dreams to drive a real F1 racecar on Italy’s famous Monza circuit someday.

Maksym also finds time to run and hit the gym regularly, and very much enjoys watching and playing football. “If I could go back in time, I would like to attend the 2005 Champions League Football Final between Milan and Liverpool. It was a thrilling game where Liverpool came back and won. It turned me into a Liverpool supporter.”

If Maksym could have one wish it would be to increase the number of hours in the day so he can achieve more. That’s certainly the type of mindset you want out of your talented Java/Hybris developer.

It’s great to have you as a part of our Brainiac family, Maksym. We’re looking forward to hearing stories of how you raced around Monza en route to Anfield to support the Reds at Anfield someday.

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Last modified: November 2, 2022
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