Meet Alibek, our fantastic front-end pragmatist

Written by: Jadan McCullough

It’s time to introduce you to another of our brilliant talents who forms an integral part of our Brainiac family. Alibek is one of our awesome front-end developers and a crucial member of our team dedicated to working with our amazing long-standing client, Maxeda. 

Alibek’s team of e-commerce specialists is responsible for handling the content of Maxeda’s platform, such as integrations of blogs, promo pages, and guides. They work closely with our rockstar supergroup of WeAreBrain content managers and designers.

What Alibek enjoys most about his work as a front-end developer is having the opportunity to collaborate with UX/UI designers to create beautiful and functional web applications. By working closely with them he can gain insight into users’ needs and preferences, and implement design elements that enhance their experience.

“Everything we do is catered for the user’s enjoyment,” he says. “I appreciate the challenge of bringing a designer’s vision to life and translating it into code. It requires me to think creatively and problem-solve in ways that are both technically sound and aesthetically pleasing”.

A perfect example of a team player, Alibek finds collaborating with his design team to be the most rewarding aspect of his work. “The mix of design elements with technical structures to create visually appealing and functional web applications is what I find to be inspiring”.

Alibek has a degree in Industrial Control Systems. Although it isn’t directly related to front-end development, it does provide him with valuable skills and knowledge that assist him in his day-to-day work. For example, the strong foundation in maths, logic, and problem-solving that he acquired from his degree are important skills for software development. He is able to approach problems in a structured and analytical way which helps him to come up with more efficient and effective solutions.

Furthermore, his experience with hardware and software integration has helped him gain a deep understanding of web development. This knowledge of how different systems interact with each other helps him to better understand how web applications work and how they interact with other systems like APIs or databases.

His clear love for what he does in addition to his collaborative mindset makes Alibek a natural fit here at WeAreBrain. “I appreciate that my input is valued and taken seriously by the company. I feel like I have a say in important decisions and that my contributions are making a meaningful impact”.

“The encouragement and support we receive to explore our own ideas and implement them into our work are so motivating. The company culture and values make me feel like I am a valued member of the team. I feel supported, appreciated, and that my well-being is a priority”.

Ever the pragmatist, Alibek’s personal motto is “Step by step”. Although short in nature, its meaning drives everything he does. 

“This simple phrase reminds me to approach challenges and goals with patience, perseverance, and a focus on progress rather than perfection. I believe that success is often the result of taking small, consistent steps towards a larger goal. By breaking down complex tasks into smaller, manageable steps, I can stay focused, maintain momentum, and make steady progress towards achieving my objectives”.

We are very happy to have such a focused and committed talent in our Brainiac family. Onwards and upwards, Alibek – step by step, of course.

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Last modified: April 21, 2023
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Jadan McCullough
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