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When most global industries struggled in 2020, e-commerce continued its steady upward trend with a 265% growth rate since 2014. The e-commerce industry is poised to reach projected worldwide retail sales of $4.9 trillion in 2021, accounting for 17.5% of total global retail sales.

Partner with an e-commerce specialist consultancy agency with extensive experience in providing leading e-commerce solutions and strategy to some of the world’s leading businesses – partner with WeAreBrain.

Omnichannel e-commerce

A type of e-tail business structure which integrates different methods of shopping available to consumers (online, mobile, in-store).

Having perfectly integrated cross-cloud platforms means efficient workflows for your business and seamless online retail and brand experiences for customers. We thoughtfully align the functionality of each platform to unify your digital landscape, creating a single view of your customers and products for the best custom e-commerce solutions.

Our specialist e-commerce software development teams work with various traditional channels (web, email, mobile, social media), marketplaces (Amazon, Bol) and emerging platforms (Instagram, Messenger) to develop custom e-commerce and online marketplace solutions for your business. 

We also develop AI and chatbot technology to be available on multiple channels and across multiple devices, manageable from one simple interface.

Manage your business from one dashboard with our proven omnichannel e-commerce strategy.

SAP Silver Partner

WeAreBrain can help you buy, build, implement, service, support and run the SAP solution that best fits your unique needs. 

E-commerce strategy and consultancy

WeAreBrain is a leading omnichannel e-commerce development agency providing innovative e-commerce solutions to a wide range of businesses across the globe. Through our collaborative and design-thinking approach, we are able to help your business meet the fluctuating demands of today’s modern e-commerce industry with intelligent online marketplace solutions and a robust e-commerce strategy.

Our team of e-commerce specialists have cultivated a wealth of experience helping some of Europe’s top businesses develop their omnichannel e-commerce development and strategy through intelligent design values.

We are an e-commerce agency of specialists and entrepreneurs who measure success through the business growth of our clients and the complete satisfaction of their customers.

We are not in the business of ‘collecting clients’ – we endeavour to establish long-term, collaborative partnerships to nurture growth and create future-proof e-commerce solutions for the retail landscape of tomorrow. 

Our process

As a full-service e-commerce consulting agency, we help businesses develop a holistic e-commerce strategy from conception to completion.

Here’s how:

Board-level strategy to actionable roadmap
We align your business’s WHY into a holistic, goals-driven e-commerce roadmap composed of concrete initiatives that are clear, strategically grounded, and measurable.

Organisational and cultural setup 
We provide e-commerce consultancy services designed to create a working environment that is motivating and inspiring, powered by collaboration for consistent delivery of world-class retail solutions.

Customer experience design
We develop key concepts and solutions designed to increase online sales revenue, improve user service, and streamline customer journeys across all digital e-commerce touchpoints.

Gap analysis
We review business processes and performance, and digital infrastructure, to identify key areas for improvement and extended reach. Our specialists uncover the critical components for a successful e-commerce strategy, including areas where businesses need to optimise, refine, or develop new functionality.

Business IT alignment
We guide businesses in selecting technologies that are able to scale along with their e-commerce strategy, that supports customer experience needs and align with their overall business and strategy.

E-commerce and AI

By deriving meaningful insights from high-volumes of platform data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows e-tailers to not only forecast but also strategise and manage every aspect of their business. Thanks to the endless advantages of this smart technology, e-commerce businesses are able to leverage the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of AI to drive optimal efficiency and conversions.

Our AI-powered e-commerce services

– Chatbots and virtual assistants
– Predictive analytics
– Recommendation system
– Sales forecasting
– Churn analysis
– Intelligent search (customer-centric)

– Personalised offers
– Fraud detection
– Fake reviews tackling
– Data anomaly detection
– Product catalogue management (inventory management)

E-commerce success stories

We not only design and deploy world-class e-commerce ecosystems, we also nurture and support them. Our approach to support is simple: we keep the same Architect and UX/Business analyst involved in a project from conception to completion to ensure consistency and efficacy throughout. We support your team by becoming a part of your team. Let WeAreBrain power your e-commerce development and online marketplace solutions.

New – We published a book!

Working Machines: An executive’s guide to AI and Intelligent Automation takes a look at how the renewed vigour for the development of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation technology has begun to change how businesses operate. It provides a step-by-step guide to building your own AI and Intelligent Automation strategies and frameworks, while also giving you insight into the way it is currently being used across multiple industries.

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Last modified: August 18, 2021